Wedding Details Shoot at a glance

As a Wedding Photographer, I have always stressed on capturing every minute detail of a Wedding Day.

Though these details can be Knick knacks or gibberish to many but these in detail and in-depth shoot highlights of the colours of every wedding. Not only this it allows every photographer to think on a different perspective which can add an out of the box visualization to the wedding album No matter how chaotic or hectic the day is, I eventually make or find time to capture the little but beautiful details. Sometimes the couple spend a lot time to plan out every single detail of their wedding day. So, it is very important for me to showcase them with the same love and emotion. But it is very hard to shoot the Details when you have maximum 20-30 minutes before the Bride or Groom is getting ready. So, better you make a plan before getting into it.

The most important thing is that, in order to have a desired result I need to do my job very carefully and patiently on the wedding day. As a part of my planning I need to prepare my client before a week of their wedding and make it clear to them that I need their details all together in one place for me. All my Brides and Grooms are more willing to do these things for a good photograph.

After getting all the details in my hand, I need the best lighting condition with great background. I prefer window light or open shade for shoot. Simple and clean fabrics or furniture can be used as background.

Here are few examples of the Details of some of the most recent Weddings I’ve shot. You’ll notice that none of these photos feature people as their subject.
Location and Venue :

I can take some photos from outside of the venue as wide angle landscape shoot. However, some small Details from venue can be captured. Like, flowers bouquet, a ribbon decoration etc.

Dress in Details:

To shoot the Wedding Suit or Gown, I would like to hang it just on the window frames and doors, that would be the best .

Jewellery Shoot :

The most important element is jewellery shoot. The best jewellery shoot are those that are sharp and clear and finely detailed.


Obviously, the accessories such as, Clutch Bag, Footwear, Turban etc. are also essential to be shoot .

Wedding Cake :

Wedding cakes are visually stunning which used to reflect the personality of couple

I hope this has been a useful guide. If you have any tips of your own, or of course any questions, please add them in the comments section below .