The Pre-wedding Magic – Capture and Cherish

Welcome folks!

As per the recent trends, couples have a huge passion for pre-wedding shoots. Before Marriage, this is one of the best times to get to know each other, to come closer and probably to have a shoot rehearsal as well. They spend thousands on their beautiful dresses, undergo various beauty treatments to look better, and may be they are working out or taking special care of their health to look stunning during all the events. So, don’t miss to capture all these in pre-wedding photo-shoot.

As a Photographer, I try to make this Pre-wedding photo shoot an ageless memory for the couple when they are youthful and vibrant. The charm of individuals before getting married is unparalleled one. The couple are infatuated and this is a memory of each minute worth catching. They will get some thoughtful images which are connected with their lives, story or past event.

We should remember that, when we are talking about Pre-wedding photos,neither the decor nor the outfits- photos matter,but which brings the beauty in the photos is their chemistry. For amazing, super romantic photos we need to apply few tricks. Don’t force them to focus on posing. Just let them happy, and let them engage in sweet thoughts of the years ahead. I think that too many changes in place or decor in a single day always ruin a shoot. The best thing that one can wear is smile. This is the most important factor for an amazing shoot. If one can enjoy the shoot with his/her partner, that’s what really brings out the chemistry. I always ask my clients to forget about Photoshoot and feel the moment because , after next twenty, thirty or fifty years later when they will look back at their Pre-wedding photographs,they would remind the precious moments of their Lives .. And then they won’t just see photos, they’ll get an experience and it will be worth remembering this special day forever.

Another most important thing is the location. Location can make amazing photos, if the couple is confident. We can go outdoors, to more crazy and popular locations like, market places, tourist spots, public gardens etc. Also one can travel to the Mountain, Desert, Sea beaches or any other picturescape location.

Many of us can create good images, but that might end without a meaningful story. So, we can show their journey as a couple, recreating their favorite moments, or something as simple as capturing their little moments when they’re together.

Moreover a best romantic photograph isn’t so much about a location or outfits or any of the other things that people spend so many hours planning before a Pre-wedding shoot. As a photographer we must be comfortable with the couple and make them forget that you and your camera are constantly capturing everything they do .
So, if you are in a process of planning your upcoming one these days, check it out!!