Richa and Ashutosh’s Wedding – A Perfect Harmony of Contrasts showcasing Rajput Traditions with Modern Elements

Join us as we explore the amazing Rajput wedding of Richa and Ashutosh in the lively city of Kolkata. This celebration of love displays a perfect match between two souls who suit each other wonderfully.

Creative and candid wedding photography captures the essence of this happy event, beautifully depicting the rich traditions and vibrant culture of a Rajput wedding. From colorful bridal attire to intricate rituals, every moment is meticulously recorded, creating memories that will last forever.

The union of Richa and Ashutosh unites two personalities that harmonize each other’s energies. While one shines with a contagious vibrancy, embodying a spirited attitude that knows no limits, the other exudes calmness and grace, bringing a sense of peace to their bond.

This Indian wedding spectacle truly demonstrates the beauty of contrasts, where traditional customs blend smoothly with modern elements. As they start this new journey together, Richa and Ashutosh’s love story reveals itself in front of the camera, capturing moments full of authentic emotions and deep connection.

Here’s to celebrating love in all its splendor as we take you on a stunning journey through this captivating Rajput wedding ceremony – a true tribute to the beauty of Indian weddings captured through creative and candid photography!





Getting Ready

Groom Entry


Weddding Ceremony

Couple Shoot

Night Party